People’s Advocacy Institute

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By engaging local communities in participatory legal support, electoral justice efforts, Peoples Assemblies, Alternatives to Incarceration Trainings, and an intentional process for cultivating ideas and developing solutions, the People’s Advocacy Institute (PAI)  inspires self-determination and community-driven solutions to crime and punitive legal systems.

Black Mississippians Response Statement to the ICE Raids

We, as descendants of enslaved African people, stand here todayin solidarity, in determination, and in righteous outrage at the unwarranted and heavy-handed actions of the federal government. On August 7th, 2019, hundreds of ICE agents descended upon four cities in our state, where they arrested nearly 700 workers because they believed that they might be undocumented. These men and women were hauled away, bus load after bus load, with none of the workers able to see to their families and their children --- children who would return from the first day of school to find their parents ripped from their lives.

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Did you know poor Mississippians plead guilty just to get out of jail? We are responding by launching the Mississippi Bail Fund Collective to bail people out of jail and offer compassionate help to reverse the damage their jail stay has caused.You can help us by donating to the NEW Mississippi Bail Fund Collective, a fund created by social workers/attorneys/activists to address the injustices perpetrated by the cash bail system. Click here to learn more.