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Image by Eye for Ebony


We must reimagine public safety and reinvest in communities. Mississippi and the nation has a violent history of abuse and killings of indigenous, black and cash poor people.  The killings of Johnathan Sanders, Rexel Henry, Andre Jones, Willie Jones, Jr. and countless others are state sanctioned murders rooted in the failure of decades of commissions, investigations, police reforms, and oversight to prevent their deaths.


It is time we redirect resources that have traditionally been used to fund state violence, and instead reallocation these resources towards meeting the needs of trans, disabled, indigenous, black and cash poor people communities’ needs and increasing our collective safety. It is time we invest in things that actually make our communities safer: quality, affordable, and accessible housing, universal quality health care, including community- based mental health services, income support to stay safe during the pandemic, safe living wage employment, education, and youth programming. 


Building Accountability: In an attempt to advance safety in the City of Jackson, the People’s Advocacy Institute is working within the Public Safety Taskforce convened by the Office of the Mayor of the City of Jackson towards community reinvestment and police accountability.  Please take the Community Assessment of the Jackson Police Department to add your voice to the decision making process.  Click here to take the survey. 


Reinvestment in Communities most affected by Harm: We know that those of us closest to the harm are also closest to the solutions. Below are efforts led by Community Leaders that have the lived-experience, commitment and solutions to right the wrongs caused to communities by systemic racism and economic oppressions. 

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