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Image by Adrien Olichon

Tyson Jackson

Lead Organizer

People's Advocacy Institute

Tyson Jackson began a career in labor and community organizing working on the campaign for a fair labor election at the Nissan Auto Plant in Canton, Mississippi, as a Sr. Student and Community Organizer with the UAW’s Global Organizing Institute. Tyson traveled the world advocating for workers, civil, and human rights of the Nissan Auto Workers in Canton. Hearing the workers tell the stories of their plight, mostly being from black, poor communities throughout the state, made Tyson realize how little has improved since the civil rights era in regards to the treatment of black workers, and the fight for equity is in dire need for resources. During this time, he received a rare and amazing opportunity to tour the United States with actor/activist Danny Glover and rapper/activist Common in the fight for workers’ rights.  


Tyson also has served as an Organizing Assistant/Organizing Team Lead for the Communication Workers of America, advocating for rights for public sector workers throughout Mississippi. In the community, Tyson has worked as a Community Organizer for Virginia Organizing, organizing the black communities in Central Virginia around issues of mass incarceration, criminalization, the school to prison pipeline, and political empowerment. Displaying his commitment and those in need, Tyson led the Jackson Meals Matter Program and Task Force for the City of Jackson MS impacting the greater Jackson community by helping expand food access to youth and children, addressing the need for more meal programs and after school feeding opportunities for students.

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