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The Mississippi Prison Reform Coalition (MPRC), led by the Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign, is a group of formerly incarcerated people, families with loved-ones in prison, advocacy organizations, and concerned residents demanding that the state of Mississippi immediately #reduce the prison population, #remove harmful conditions, policies and practices, and #restore humanity.   MPRC coalition membership includes but is not limited to:

Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign

Mississippi Rising Coalition

People’s Advocacy Institute

One Voice, MS

Mississippi Center for Justice

MS Southern Poverty Law Center

Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy

Black With No Chaser

MS Conference of the NAACP 

Central Mississippi Anti-Fund 

Color of Change 

Center for Constitutional Rights

Until Freedom


As formerly incarcerated people, family members with loved-ones in prison, advocates and concerned residents of Mississippi, we are demanding Mississippi’s Governor, elected officials and the Department of Justice take the following steps to  immediately #reduce the prison population, #remove harmful conditions, policies and practices, and #restore humanity:


  1. Move all of the incarcerated people to a more humane facility and ensuring that all incarcerated persons have access to food, clean water, suitable sleeping conditions, and adequate medical care; 

  2. Immediately inform family members of their incarcerated loved one's well-being and location. 

  3. Begin a formal process to reduce incarceration in Mississippi and shut down Parchman Prison for good.

  4. Conduct a full and independent investigation into the deaths of the several incarcerated people, including any officers or prison personnel who may have been involved. 

  5. Implement rehabilitative, restorative programs, education programs, recreation and spiritual support in all #MDOC prisons. 

For more information, please contact us:

Phone: (601) 272-8419


Facebook: Mississippi Prison Reform Coalition


#MSPrisonReformNow #ReduceRemoveRestore


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