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MBFC is a coalition of social workers, attorneys, and activists from across Mississippi working to address the injustices perpetrated by Mississippi’s cash bail system.

Mississippi’s nearly exclusive use of cash bail is devastating cash poor communities. Mississippians are languishing in jails while waiting on crowded courts to decide their fate. Many wait for years to have their cases heard because they lack the money to purchase their freedom. While Mississippians wait, jobs are lost, families are evicted, cars are repossessed, and children are left without parents. To right these wrongs, the Mississippi Bail Fund Collective is committed to bailing people out of jail and offering compassionate help to reverse the damage their jail stay has caused. To learn how you can help sign up here.  If you need bail support please contact us at or call 601-885-3240.  


At the Mississippi Bail Fund Collective, we work towards dismantling systems of oppression in society and building new systems of justice that are driven by leadership of/from the community most impacted and by ensuring that those most impacted have agency in the decisions that pertain to their own plans for a better outcomes without rejecting or ejecting anyone who needs the service/s of the MBFC.


Through organizing and base-building and by centering Black, Brown, undocumented, LGBTQIA, poor people and currently incarcerated persons the MBFC will help build systems of needs-based accountability through a transformed justice system focused on the restoring of our communities, building a legacy of justice and being a collective hub of wrap-around services and support and love.

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