The People's Advocacy Institute is a community resource and training incubator for transformation justice in the global south. Through community lead initiatives we inspire self-determination and community-driven solutions to crime creating a more just system and a more effective way to prevent, respond and heal from physical and systematic harm.


Our Mission

Realizing the endurance and resourcefulness of marginalized communities, we partner with community members to provide education, training, coaching, investigation, research, advocacy and legal services to assist in defining the structural inequities that cause harm, and together we develop new policies and practices that reduce oppression, and foster self-determination and a more unbiased system.

Love combined with the power of the people equals revolutionary change.
— Chokwe Lumumba, Human Rights Icon and Late Mayor of Jackson, MS

Our core values

  • Community (especially the most marginalized) need to demand the right, responsibility and resources for ensuring the safety, and well-being of its residents;

  • Black people, people of color, trans and queer people, people most impacted by poverty, formerly incarcerated persons, and young people are assets to be developed and should have a voice in developing and designing programs and policies that affect them;

  • The disproportionate incarceration of black, indigenous and brown people, and the flow of dollars away from communities of color is an injustice that must be corrected.