Serving as an institutional vehicle for true democracy, we harness the collective genius of the most marginalized southern communities by providing advocacy, training, and a space for idea sharing and solution development which we believe is needed to build new institutional power that paves the way for a more just system rooted in understanding, compassion, resiliency and self-determination.


The Sojourner Parole Initiative 

Harnessing the collective power of families and individuals impacted by the justice system, the Sojourner Initiative trains families and concerned community members on the development of parole packets to assist in bringing displaced/incarcerated loved-ones home



The ATI Training Institute

Provides community members and system stakeholders with an intensive training on developing alternative to incarceration and diversion programs.  The institute also provides technical assistance for a year following the training and limited fiscal support.



People’s Assemblies - Partnership

Lead and founded by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, PAI is assisting in the coordination of People’s Assemblies as a community lead governing tool. PAI engages in this work by mobilizing and organizing the most marginalized members of local communities to engage in the development of policies and programs that impact their communities.

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AYA Development Collective - Partnership

As a founding member of AYA Development Collective, PAI is developing a housing cooperative initiative to educate and train young people returning from prison how to democratically operate a sustainable housing cooperative upon their release. Recognizing the disparities existing in the criminal system, AYA was conceived by impacted individuals and human rights advocates to develop a just response to the mass criminalization  of children of color.  A response that builds young people’s economic, political and collective capacity to transform the system and develop the knowledge and skills that allow for self-sufficiency in housing, food and economic stability.